• Sound That Cuts Out The Noise

  • Designed For Elite Sound

  • True Wireless AirPods™

Sound That Cuts Out The Noise

Designed For Elite Sound

True Wireless AirPods™



 Active Noise Cancellation – Active noise cancellation allows you to take a phone call or listen to music with very little ambient noise allowing for an even clearer audio   *New* 

Smart sensor – This sensor allows for your pods to automatically stop audio playback when you remove them and play it again when you put them back

Customization and Tracking – You can do customization the way you want, this includes naming your pods and even tracking them on your phone if you lose them

 Lasting battery – Non-stop 5 hours battery for each earbud. Battery levels of each pod displayed on the phone

Dust and anti-sweat waterproof – They are protected from dust, sweat and humidity *New*

Battery case – The case allows 24 hours of battery charging. Battery levels of the case displayed on the phone

 Wireless Charging Case – The case can be charged wirelessly

 Pop-up animation connect – An animation pops up when connecting


Customer Reviews

Very good quality & very good sound. Comfortable & Breathable. Nice product!!!!!!

J. Henry

I am more than happy with my pair of Blackpods, the battery life is great, very nice sound quality - overall a great product! Had no problems with them at all, and they got delivered super fast!

Jason K.

I am really satisfied with their sound, functionality and design. The delivery service was quick and great, very good product, I truly recommend it

Stella F.